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governor to decide. >> reporter: a flick of the switch could save money. virginia governor bob mcdonald may give state employee as four day workweek. >> i wish i could do that. >> reporter: that's four ten hour days with fridays off. >> what is it supposed to prove? >> reporter: they are saying it would save money. >> yeah, right. i don't believe that. >> reporter: in richmond, the department of planning and budget estimates it would save about $3 million, half of it in energy costs. the state of utah implemented a four day workweek in 2008. they didn't save as muchpredict now a spokesman for the state of utah told me that when they implemented the four day workweek they were surprised to say that they saved money in overtime. their theory is that when people working a longer day they are watching the clock. and after the minutes tick by and their time is over, they are ready to go. >> we actually work an extra hour during the summer so get out half days on friday. i don't want to stay any time after the nine hours we are
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there during the week. >> people get really tired and cranky, particularly in government service. >> reporter: so you don't want them there for ten hours? >> i think they need a break. >> reporter: the proposal applies to 25 state agencies. it would not affect the dmv. >> i could see it being inconvenient but if the budget is such that that needs to happen t. >> i go out of my way to not visit any state offices because i like doing everything online. >> reporter: that's open 24/7. in virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the news tonight is far from over. >> the news edge at 11 starts right now. [ music ] this is fox 5 news edge at 11. >> the news edge on two disaster relief missions in our area tonight. we are talking about animals rescued from horrible conditions and brought to our area to be nursed back to health. thanks for staying up with us. i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maureen umeh.
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one was taken from animal testing medical lab and the others from a dog fighting ring. >> reporter: this is undercover video taken by peta in a lab at gates county, north carolina. watch for yourself. peta says the video shows workers mistreating cats, dogs, even rabbits. after this video was released the department of agriculture launched an investigation and the lab released the animals. some of them were brought to the washington animal rescue league. >> this is the case of about 200 animals in north eastern and north carolina and just a horrific medical research lab. >> reporter: saturday they looked over the rescued animals. the first goal is to nurse them back to health. the second is find them good homes. >> what we saw in the video was really nothing short of abuse. really deplorable. probably about the worst rescue disaster situation we've encountered. >> reporter: but that is just one rescue effort underway at the rescue league this weekend.
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ten pitbull dogs arrived on saturday from ohio. they may have been used in a dog fighting operation. >> this is tragedy what happens to a really good breed of pitbulls and why people misunderstand them. >> reporter: gary says pitbulls are thought of as mean violent animals. a pitbull was shot by a police officer after alleging attacking another dog. but wysman says it is noted breed that makes them violent. >> pitbulls are great dogs. they have a reputation because of the harm that people do to them but you know they don't deserve that. >> reporter: he says the pitbull dogs brought in saturday should be fine and should make good pets in the future. >> you will never see a better dog in any home than a pitbull. >> reporter: in washington, fox 5 news. >> they do deserve a break. if you would like to adopt one of these pets contact the washington animal rescue league for more information. >> the edge in virginia tonight
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where neighbors in a community of prince william county woke up to the sound of gunfire. police say a married couple robert and jennifer bates who lived several miles away for some reason drove to the area neighbors say was the crime scene. and a dea agent walking his dog end encountered the couple just before robert bathes shot his wife, according to the police. >> he told me get down. get the kids. make sure they are in their rooms. close the door. tell them not to come out. and then there was another shot. >> reporter: we're told as the agent ran into the house to get his badge and service weapon, the gunman then shot himself in the head. police have been called to the home in late june for a domestic dispute which resulted in the arrest of a husband, a protective order barring contact between the two was issued but expired prior to this morning's incident. the couple's two children have been staying with relatives. police have released the name of the man officers shot after he pointed a handgun at them. 29-year-old john wesley wheeler
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of maryland. wheeler was shot near 2nd and c streets yesterday morning. he was taken to the hospital. tonight he is charged with assault with intent to kill, carrying a pistol without a license and other counts. we have a traffic alert for you tonight. the south capitol street bridge and the chain bridge are closed this weekend and won't re-open until monday morning. things looking really dark out there, too. dc transportation officials say emergency repairs were needed after some serious structural problems were found during a routine inspection back in may. >> this is the first time i've seen it. so a bad idea. bad traffic. bad traffic planning. >> they are working there until saturday and i live here in southwest. so i would have to go 50 and new york avenue and deal with the traffic there. >> the chain bridge will be shut down for the next three weekends for that work. they will be closing the south capitol street bridge overnight some days and a few more weekends to make major structural repairs, too. [ music ]
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talk about a great start to the weekend. no shortage of sunshine today. temperatures right on the mark for seasonal. 79 degrees at national. the same at dulles. and 76 at baltimore. actually reached 73 at baltimore. 69 in the nation's capitol. 59 at martinsburg. and the skies remain very clear. but not quite so for the tropics. things have really changed a lot. we are talking about hurricane igor and tropical storm julia both expected to head well off to the atlantic. but igor will move over bermuda over the next 36 hours or so. already they are seeing some of the effects of that storm system from storm force winds as well as rainfall. could get 6-9 inches of rainfall. no warnings or watches at all as far as julia is concerned. hurricane warnings however for bermuda as far as igor goes. cold front for us will push through on sunday. all it will do is leave us some clouds. a shower near the mason dixon
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line. very well. a very dry air mass in place. but we will see our temperatures rise as we head into the course of the week. that red skins game tomorrow. boy, do we have great weather for it. we are talking the skins and the texans. 82 to 83 by the time kickoff is around at 4:15 p.m. some clouds but a warm evening to enjoy. here is a look at the five day forecast for you. talk about a spike in temperatures. getting ready for the first day in fall. but look at this, 90 degrees on wednesday. unbelievable, well above seasonal. temperatures otherwise pretty close to seasonal with plenty of sunshine. a slight chance by next weekend we could see more rainfall own boy do we need it. keep an eye on it. >> that does it for us a little bit early. fox 5 news is always on at my fox dc. >> in two minutes sports extra kind of a super-sized edition. lindsay is dressing in layers to talk about hockey. you don't want to miss it. take care. >> good-bye.   . >> top stories and breaking news first on fox 5 morning
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news starting at 4:25. >> fox monday kicks off with two of television's most anticipated dramas. get any phone free only at verizon when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate with its super amoled screen.
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. >> this is fox 5's sports extra. >> good evening and thanks for joining us tonight for sports extra. i'm lindsay murphy. we have a jampacked show. maryland, virginia tech and navy all hit the gridiron. plus the capitals start a fresh seen with a little bit of anger still lingering. but first it is red skins time. tomorrow afternoon the red skins must think of the texans as a dual threat. houston has been known as a passing game for years. but last year they showed they have a running game that can't be ignored. they know the offense sieve thanks to the coordinator kyle's insider information. he has been with them for two seasons. but on the flip-side they know kyle's style really well. is there any advantage? >> it is and it ain't.
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because, you know, we have been this offense but at the same time their defense has been going against their offense for years, too. so, you know, i guess whoever is going to make that play is going to be the one who wins the game. >> we are mirror images of each other offense. so definitely, you know, they are not going to throw anything at us that we haven't seen and probably not going to throw anything at them that they haven't seen so it will be the team that plays the well. >> williams has another tough test as he goes another top- notch defense in mario williams. he finished last seen with nine sacks and already got one sack in just one game this year. the skins' offense knows what to watch out for. >> obviously the recognizable face on defense is obvious mario williams and the things he has been able to do over the years. he has established himself as one of the top pass rushers in the game. >> just watching the film great pass rushing, great in the running game. free strong. he uses his hands very well.
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so this will be another tough task. >> the place to be tomorrow is on your couch in your chair tuned into fox 5. at 11:30 a.m. we break down the skins texans game on the red skins pre-game. and at 1:00 the bears and you could boys. coming up on sports extra at 11:30 p.m. all of the red skins highlights and the post game reaction. the capitals are one practice into their 36th training camp of their nfl history. players hit the ice at 10 a.m. broken up into three groups for scrimmages. all competing to win the duchane cup. this team has a chip on their shoulder after last year's disappointing finish. they won the trophy with 121 points but then blew the series 3-1 to montreal in the first round of the playoffs. the number one seed falling to the number 8 seed. it is an underestimate to say that these guys had a really rough off season. really hard to get over a letdown like that. >> we have sort of, i think, got a little bit of anger still
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of, you know, i mean of what went on and how we lost. and i'm hoping we are carrying that chip on our shoulder through the course of the year. >> we have to take the next step. we have been saying it for the last couple of years we have a good young hockey club. but losing in the playoffs is not acceptable. we want to make that known right now. the very first day of camp. having intensity in camp. be focused in camp and be ready for the regular season. >> we can talk about the playoffs until we are blue in the face. obviously none of us are happy about it. but there is something good here and we didn't carry it into the playoffs. i think we will do that this year. >> we need a t.v. timeout. but when we come back tory smith helps the terms get on the board but is it enough to take down west virginia in morgantown? we will be right back. 
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